2024 HIT Preparatory Program


HIT Preparatory Program Introduction

The College of International Education of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) provides a rich variety of preparatory courses to the students who plan to apply for the degree study at HIT.

Taking Intensive Chinese courses is a suitable choice for both Chinese beginners and Chinese learners with good basic Chinese knowledge who pursue a degree at HIT. In addition to the regular Chinese language courses, some specialized courses are also provided, including mathematics, physics, economic and trade, as well as cultural and practical courses.

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Conditions of the HIT Preparatory Program:

1. Be a high school diploma holder or its equivalent under the age of 30
2. Be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China and comply with the relevant regulations set by the “Document No.12 (2020) of the Ministry of Education of the PRC”
3. Be in good health both mentally and physically.

Note: International students who successfully complete preparatory courses at HIT can obtain priority admission to the undergraduate programs.

Application Period

Application Period of the HIT Preparatory Program

  • August 15th, 2023: Deadline for the 36-Week Preparatory Program Application
  • December 31st, 2022: Deadline for 32-Week Preparatory Program Application
  • March 20th, 2023: Deadline for 12-Week Preparatory Program Application

Preparatory Program Duration

HIT Preparatory Program’s Duration:

1. 36-Week Preparatory Program(1080 class hours):

  • Fall term: September ~January
  • Spring term: March~ July 

2. 18-Week Preparatory Program(1600 class hours):

  • Spring term: March~ July 

3. 12-Week Preparatory Program(360 class hours):

  • Spring term: April~ June 

Application Process

HIT Preparatory Program’s Application Process:

1. Log in to the Online Application System to fill in the application form. The Online Application System is available at https://hit.at0086.cn/StuApplication/Login.aspx

2. Pay the application fee USD 60 or CNY 400; Remittance Information:

  • Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Harbin, Da Zhi Branch
  • Bank Address: 318 East Dazhi Street, Harbin, People’s Republic of China
  • Name: Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Account Number: 3500040109008900513

3. Upload required application documents.

HIT Preparatory Program

Application Documents

HIT Preparatory Program’s Application Documents:

1. Application Form of Preparatory Program at HIT (filled in online)
2. Passport homepage
3. Senior high school diploma or its equivalent
4. Official transcripts

5. Language qualification certificates:

  • 18-week Preparatory Program: HSK level 3 or above
  • Applicants for the 36-Week/32-Week Preparatory Program are not required to provide any language proficiency certificates.

6. Curriculum vitae
7. Payment receipt of application fee.

Note: All application documents in other languages must be notarized by the official notary office in English or Chinese.


Tuition 36-Week    Preparatory Program CNY 24,600/year
32-Week    Preparatory Program CNY 36,000/term
12-Week    Preparatory Program CNY 8,200/term


36-Week    Preparatory Program CNY 800/year
32-Week    Preparatory Program CNY 800/term
12-Week    Preparatory Program CNY 400/term
Application fee CNY 400
Housing fee(excluding electricity and internet fee) 600/month/bed

Note: All fees are non-refundable except Housing fee.


1. International students who successfully complete preparatory courses can obtain priority admission to the undergraduate programs at HIT.
2. The admission decision is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the applicant’s file. All applicants will be notified via email or message in the application system on admission decisions.
3. HIT will review the applicant’s application documents again after admission and reserve the right to cancel students’ admission if there are any irregularities.


College of International Education, HIT

1. Add: No. 11 Siling Street, Nangang District, Harbin 150001 P.R. China

2. Telephone: +86-451-86402455, +86-451-86412647
3. E-mail: StudyatHIT@hit.edu.cn
4. Website: http://studyathit.hit.edu.cn/

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