2022 Nankai University for Chinese Language Training Courses

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2022 Nankai University for Chinese Language Training Courses

About Nankai University


Since its founding in 1919, Nankai University has forged a strong academic reputation. Known as the “North Star” among China’s higher education institutions, it has gathered many academic leaders over the years, and inspired generations of students, building a model for higher education in China.

2022 Nankai University for Chinese Language Training Courses
Nankai University


“Dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability, and aspiration for progress with each passing day” is the motto of Nankai University.

When Nankai University was first founded, Yan Fansun, the founding father of the Nankai schools, raised the proposal of valuing public interests and student’s capabilities, which was practiced along with the process of running the school. 

Nankai Character

Nankai’s character is as her motto required “Dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability, and aspiration for progress with each passing day”. 

Being the traditional accumulation and core value, school motto displays the educational philosophy and value pursuit of teachers and students. Meanwhile, it supplies a guideline for running school and the conduct of faculties and students.


The greatness of a university lies in her great spirit which is also the root and soul for the university to educate her students. The guidance and support of this spirit are needed for the construction of world-class universities. 

Each university has its own university spirit, which embodies its educational philosophy and value pursuit.

As Lord Haldane, a modern British philosopher said: “The soul of a nation reflects its own truth in its universities.”


The color of Nankai University is pale purple, also known as Nankai purple. Lotus is known as the “flower of the gentleman” because its flower and fruit bloom together beautifully and gracefully. 

Admissions and Application Requirements

As an important part of Nankai University’s International Student Recruitment, the Advanced Study Program is designed to cultivate both general practical Chinese language talents and professionals who have a deep understanding of China’s national conditions. 

Two sub-programs are provided by the Advanced Study Program, including Sub-program 1 (Chinese Language Advanced Study) and Sub-program 2 (Short-term Thematic Advanced Study)

Featuring a flexible duration as well as focuses on the systematization of the teaching , the practicability of courses and the improvement of students in all respects, the Advanced Study Program has contributed to the cultivation of lots of friendly ambassadors of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and international Chinese language educators and sinologists.

Nankai University offers a variety of language practice opportunities and abundant recreational and sports activities held regularly for foreign students to experience Chinese culture, such as Chinese and foreign students’ Salons, Mandarin-Speaking Competitions, Chinese Spelling Hero and Chinese-Singing Contests.

These various forms of teaching and practicing exercisescan create a broad platform for international students to learn Chinese, show their personal style, understand actual situations of China and submerge themselves in Chinese culture.

Program Duration and Fees

Sub-program 1: Chinese Language Advanced Study (20 class hours per week)

The participants in Sub-program 1 will enhance their overall skills in Chinese language to varying degrees and deepen their comprehension of China’s history, culture and current situation so as to prepare for being high-qualified practical talents, who not only meet the demands of the international community but also are proficient in the use of Chinese.

Sub-program 1 is done by the experienced teaching team of Nankai University with the support of specially compiled teaching materials, and aims to supply every Chinese learner here with a learning experience of high quality, following the practicability-oriented, goal-oriented and value-oriented principles.

Over the years, a great deal of Chinese language talents with solid Chinese language skills and outstanding intercultural communication skills have been cultivated through this sub-program.

The 2022 Chinese Language Advanced Study Sub-program includes two parts per semester: Training Courses and Advanced Training Courses, which will be carried out both online and offline in order to meet the needs of students learning Chinese in China and other countries as much as possible.

1.1. Chinese Language Training Courses ( 2022 Fall Ⅰ )

1.2. Advanced Chinese Language Training Courses ( 2022 Fall Ⅱ )


Program Duration

Tuition Fee

Application Deadline

Chinese Language Training Courses (2022 Fall  1)


From Sep. 5,2022 to Nov. 4,2022


Sep. 5, 2022

Advanced Chinese Language Training Courses (Fall  2022 Ⅱ)

From Nov. 14,2022 to Jan. 6,2023


Nov. 14th, 2022

Sub-program 2: Short-term Thematic Advanced Study (30 class hours per week)

Sub-program 2 is divided into two types: the four-week summer camp and the four-week winter camp. Sub-program 2 provides thematic training courses tailored for applicants with diversified learning needs. The themes and main courses under every theme are as follows.

Thematic Advanced Study on Intensive Chinese Language

Main Courses: Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing, Business Chinese, Tourism Chinese

Thematic Advanced Study on China’s National Conditions

Main courses: Chinese Economy, Business Chinese, Tourism Chinese, Chinese History, and Contemporary Chinese Society

Thematic Advanced Study on Chinese Language Examinations

Main Courses: Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese Speaking, Chinese Writing, and Test Strategies

The College of Chinese Language and Culture of Nankai University is an officially authorized test center for HSK, HSKK, YCT and BCT. HSK examinations will be held here for several times per year. 

Find more information about the specific exam arrangements on the official website of the NKU College of Chinese Language and Culture: https://hyxy.nankai.edu.cn/


 Program Duration

Tuition Fee

Application Deadline

2022 Short-term Thematic Advanced Study

2022 Winter Camp:

From January 3rd, 2022 to January 28th, 2022


December 31st, 2022


1. Classes at all levels of the Advanced Study Program start with 15 students, and those with less than 15 students will be incorporated into other classes.

2. Chinese Language Advanced Study Sub-program includes two parts per semester: Training Courses and Advanced Training Courses, which can be selected by the applicants in accordance with their personal situation. Each part lasts for 8 teaching weeks.

3. Interuniversity exchange students who may take Chinese language courses beyond their exchange program shall pay an additional fee.

4. Short-term thematic programs can be tailored to the needs of various groups and organizations. Your consultations are welcome and don’t hesitate to contact with us. Nankai University holds regular short-term thematic programs in January and July each year and admissions are open worldwide.

5. About the fees: Registration fees shall be paid as soon as possible after the applicant has completed the online application; tuition fees can be paid by remittance or on site; with the teaching materials to be purchased at the applicant’s own expense upon enrollment.

6. About the accommodation: In principle, all newcomers will be housed on campus during the first academic year. Applicants with immediate family members or spouses in China may apply for off-campus accommodation after the submission of relevant certificates.

7. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, there is uncertainty about the arrival and teaching arrangements in 2022, and the arrangements in this guide may be adjusted depending on the epidemic control situation. 

Please stay tuned to the relevant announcements from Nankai University, the School of International Education and the College of Chinese Language and Culture, and check your application email regularly for the latest admissions news.

Application Requirements

1. Applicants should be at least 18 years old, in good health, able to guarantee study time and pay tuition in full on time;

2. Applicants should provide a valid passport and final study certificate (certification) and transcripts;

3. Online courses are not limited to the country where the student is located, but the visa of the student attending online courses will be not addressed;

4. Offline courses need students to attend school and join the “Comprehensive Medical Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Studying in China”.

2022 Nankai University for Chinese Language Training Courses
Nankai University

Admissions Process

1. Online Registration.

From now until December31st, 2021, applicants can register at the website of the Nankai University International Student Online Service System: https://nankai.at0086.cn/StuApplication

2. Registration Fee Payment.

Applicants who have passed the preliminary review shall pay the registration fee and upload the payment certificate in time.

3. Completion of admission and Sending of Admission Letters.

Contact Details

Address: (Room 400) International Student Office, School of International Education of Nankai University, 94 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, P. R. China.

Postal code: 300071

Tel: 0086-22-23503615

Fax: 0086-22-23507913

E-mail: hyzsb@nankai.edu.cn


(Nankai University) http://www.nankai.edu.cn

(School of International Education of Nankai University) http://sie.nku.edu.cn/

If you want to get more information, please contact us: chinascholarship.net

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