2021 Guangxi University for Nationalities ASEAN Countries Enterprise Scholarship Program

2021 Guangxi University for Nationalities ASEAN Countries Enterprise Scholarship Program

2021 Guangxi University for Nationalities ASEAN Countries Enterprise Scholarship Program

Promote the mutual understanding, cooperation and exchanges in various fields between China and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries, Guangxi University for Nationalities (GXUN) has established the Enterprise Scholarship to support outstanding students, teachers, scholars, government and corporate staff from ASEAN countries to study in Guangxi University for Nationalities.

Guangxi University for Nationalities is recruiting postgraduate students under the Guangxi University for Nationalities 2021 ASEAN Countries Enterprise Scholarship Program.


Program Information

1. Programs: master degree program and PhD program.

2. Nationality: Application open to students from ASEAN countries.

3. Study System and Teaching Mode: 4 years for PhD program and 3 years for master degree program. Guangxi University for Nationalities adopts a flexible study system for Enterprise Scholarship Program students. For each semester, you need to register and study at Guangxi University for Nationalities for two weeks. Apart from these two weeks, normally we will adopt a combination of “online + offline” teaching method.

4. Admission Requirement: Applicants for master degree program should have diploma of bachelor’s degree. Applicants for PhD program should have master’s degree. There is no age requirement, but the applicant should be physically able to complete the course. Applicants for master degree program should have recommendations from two professors or associate professors, while applicants for PhD program should have recommendations from two professors. Applicants should have HSK 4 level certificate or pass the Chinese proficiency oral test organized by Guangxi University for Nationalities.

5. Recruit Major: More Details on the Website of Graduate School of GXUN for the 2021 List of Graduate Programs for master and doctoral students (http://yjs.gxun.edu.cn/).

Enterprise Scholarship Funding Projects and Standards

Guangxi University for Nationalities ASEAN countries Enterprise Scholarship Funding Project includes the following:

1. For PhD program: Tuition fee, Registered Fee, and Textbook fee are covered. For master degree program: Tuition fee is 15,000Yuan/year. Registered Fee and Textbook fee are covered.

2. Approximately two weeks study period in Guangxi University for Nationalities for each semester is required. Free accommodation and scholarship living expenses subsidize during this period are provided. Standard living allowance for PhD program student is 2,000 Yuan/Month and for master degree program student is 1,500 Yuan/Month. If you voluntarily stay in school for self-study apart from these two weeks, the living expenses during your stay will be covered by yourself.

3. One round-trip international travel fee for each semester is covered. It will be reimbursed by tickets. A maximum of 2,000 Yuan/semester. Free airport pick-up service is provided for the first time visit to the university.

4. The supported time range of the above-mentioned scholarship program is 4 years for PhD program students and 3 years for master degree program students.

Application Procedure and Deadline

1. All application materials must be printed in A4 format, in triplicate, and submitted to the Office of College of ASEAN Studies, Guangxi University for Nationalities. It can be delivered by post, in person, or forwarded by someone who could transfer them to us. EMS is recommended. Other ordinary express delivery is not accepted.

2. In order to verify the authenticity of the application materials, the application materials sent through e-mail address are not accepted.

3. The applicants should submit the application materials as soon as possible. The deadline for application submission is June 30, 2021 (based on Postmark Date).


Application Documents (Three Copies Required)

1. Applicants should fill in the Guangxi University for Nationalities ASEAN countries Enterprise Scholarship Application Form (Attachment 1), print out the Application Form.

2. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors in the related fields of your study for master degree applicants. Two recommendation letters from professors in the related fields of your study for PhD degree applicants. Recommendation letters should be written in Chinese or English. Recommender’s signature must put on the letter.

3. All proof and transcripts should be notarized in Chinese or English by relevant government offices. If applicants are currently enrolled in an academic program, a letter of enrollment is required. (The letter of enrollment should clarify that applicant is on the path to meet graduation requirements and will graduate on time.)

4.A copy of the Physical Examination Form for Foreigners(Attachment 2validated within six months (The applicants should take physical examination in strict accordance with the test specified in the Physical Examination Form for Foreigners. If there are incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants, the Physical Examination Form for Foreignerwill be deemed in valid.)

5. Your plan of study or research in China. Applicants should include reasons for scholarship application, personal performance, future study or research plan in China, and etc. (The plan must be written in Chinese or English, more than 800 words and signed by applicants.)

6. A copy of valid passport

7. HSK certificate or other materials which can prove Chinese level.

8. Certificate of no criminal conviction.

Admission Process and Entry Procedure

Guangxi University for Nationalities will process all the program applications and finalize an admission list. All applicants admitted will receive admission notice and the Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202) from the University. Applicants must provide valid contact information and mailing address.

Applicants admitted should apply a study visa from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, and register at the university according to the time specified in the admission notice. The original copies of the following materials are required for registration:

1. Valid Passport.

2. Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202).

3. Admission Notice.

4. Physical Examination Form for Foreigners.

5. The highest education diploma and the original copy of your school report transcript.


Contact Information

Address: College of ASEAN Studies, Guangxi University for Nationalities

No.158, Daxue West Road, Nanning, Guangxi, P. R. China.

ZipCode: 530006

Contacts: Ms. Jiang

Telephone: 0086-771-3267011

Fax: 0086-771-3267011

Email: Jiangxiaoxing@gxun.edu.cn

Official University Website:http://www.gxun.edu.cn/


Attachment 1: Guangxi University for Nationalities ASEAN Countries Enterprise Scholarship Application Form

Attachment 2: Physical Examination Form for Foreigners

LINK: 2021 Guangxi University for Nationalities ASEAN Countries Enterprise Scholarship Program

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