2022 Henan University Henan Provincial Government Scholarship

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2022 Henan University Henan Provincial Government Scholarship

About Henan University

Henan University is one of the oldest public and Double First Class Universities in China. 

2022 Henan University Henan Provincial Government Scholarship
Henan University


Henan University was founded in 1912. In the beginning, its name was the Preparatory School for Further Study in Europe and America. After the People’s Republic of China was founded, the name Henan University was adopted in 1984.

In 1952, the colleges and departments were adjusted, some of them were established independently or merged into other related universities. In October 2008, the school entered the ranks of provincial and ministerial joint construction universities. In September 2017, it was selected as the first batch of national “double first-class” construction universities.


In February 2022, Henan University was once again selected as a national “double first-class” construction university. Over the past 110 years, the school formed a spirit of “unity, diligence, rigor, and simplicity”, the spirit centered on “perseverance and self-improvement”.

The school trained more than 700,000 students, made outstanding contributions to the revitalization of education, technological innovation, cultural inheritance, social progress and human civilization.

Henan University is a comprehensive, research-oriented university with 13 disciplines including literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, education, art, interdisciplinary, etc.

Beside, the school has 36 departments, 99 undergraduate majors, 48 first-level disciplines authorized for master’s degree, 30 categories of professional master’s degree authorized, 21 first-level disciplines authorized for doctoral degree, 19 post-doctoral research stations, 10 disciplines, 82 undergraduate majors entered the “Double Ten Thousand Plan”.

The school has Zhengzhou Longzihu Campus, Kaifeng Minglun Campus (modern buildings are national key cultural relics protection units), and Jinming Campus, covering a total area of more than 5,500 mu.

Henan University has nearly 50,000 students and more than 4,600 faculty members. Among the teachers, there are 22 full-time and part-time academicians and department members, 59 leading talents; the school has 2 State key laboratories, 1 national field scientific observation and research station, 2 national key social science research platforms, etc.

Henan University

2022 Henan University Henan Provincial Government Scholarship Admissions Guide


2022 Henan University Henan Provincial Government Scholarship’s eligibility:

The Henan Provincial Government Scholarship is a local scholarship provided by the Henan Provincial Government to some provincial colleges and universities. It is used by some provincial colleges and universities to directly select and recruit outstanding foreign students and scholars to study degree programs and non-degree programs in Henan.

Nationality and health conditions

 Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health.

Educational background and age limits (as of September 1, 2022)

(1)  Applicants for undergraduate programs must have a high school certificate or above or the same educational level, and the age is generally no more than 30 years old;

(2) Applicants for postgraduate programs must have a bachelor’s degree or above , and the age is generally no more than 40 years old;

(3) Applicants for Ph.D. programs must have master’s degree or above, and the age is generally no more than 45 years old;

(4) Applicants for Chinese language program must have a high school certificate or above or the same educational level, and the age is generally no more than 55 years old;

Application Procedures

Applicants do not have to send  hard copy of application documents.

They should complete the online application procedure at “Online Application System for Henan University International Students” (http://applyonline.henu.edu.cn/member/login.do) in English or Chinese, and upload scanned documents according to the “application document list” of Henan Government Scholarship, among which applicants should upload the scanned copy of signed Application Form for Henan Government Scholarship to “other attachment” in the application system.

Admissions timeline

Starting time

March 1st, 2022 15:52


May 30th, 2022

Result Release Time

July, 2022


1.2022 Henan Government Excellence Scholarship Application Procedures for HenanUniversity(English-Chinese version)


3.Henan University Online Application Process Diagram(English-Chinese version)


5.English Taught Programs of Henan University


7. Payment Notice for Henan Government Government Scholarship

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